Christmas Sweet:

Thrill of Hope

Due: Oct 18th @ 11:00pm


Submitting your project:

Upload your video directly from whichever device you used to record yourself.  Use the links below on, and verify you are uploading the correct video file.  The form on the webpage will ask for your name and email.  Your name is automatically added to your video, and dropbox will use your email to notify you that the upload was successful.  Large video files can take time to upload, so if it fails, try again!  If it continues to fail, let us know.  If you have slow internet at home, you can drive to the church parking lot and connect wirelessly to the CBCguest faster internet.


Submissions are now closed for Thrill of Hope

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What do I need to do this?
A. The easiest option is to use two devices.  If you have a smartphone, use this to record.  It will need to be steady.  Try using a tripod or placing your phone on a solid surface.

Q. I'd like to but I don't know how!
A. We want everyone in music ministry to participate.  If you need technical help, please reach out to us.  Let us know what devices you may have available to use (tablet, computer, phone, etc) and we will work to come up with a solution that works with what you have available!  We are also recruiting volunteers to help assist others.  Let us know if you can help!

Q. Where should I record?
A. Pick a visually interesting location that you like.  It does need to be a quiet space without a strong echo.  Do be conscientious of your surroundings.

Q. What do you need to see in the video?
A. You need to record in landscape mode (widescreen), not portrait (vertical).  Make sure you are close enough we can clearly see your face, but not too close that we can't see your upper torso.  If you play an instrument, I want to see your instrument.  Also, try to keep your device parallel with your head - If it is lower than we will be looking up your nose!

Q. How do I send you my video?
A. Direct links are provided above.  Choose the appropriate section.  If you recorded with a cell phone, you can upload directly from your phone with these links.  It may take some time to locate your video file.

Q. Can I email it instead?
A. Email cannot send large attachments like this.  If you are having difficulty, please contact us.  If it absolutely won't work for you, we'll find a solution together, but using the submission link helps us keep everything organized.

Q. How do I know you received my submission?
A. We will email a list of every video we received at the deadline.  You should also receive an email from Dropbox once your video is submitted (to the email you entered in when submitting).